Policies & Booking

                                        PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING. THANK YOU!

*Pet Parents are informed of estimated appointment completion upon scheduling and drop off; also given a 20-30 minute text message or phone call prior to spa groom completion. We ask pet parents to Please pick your fur baby up within 45 minutes of spa groom completion and drop off no more than 20 minutes before appointment time being that we are cage free and accept all breeds.

We ask that you provide your credit card info. to hold your fur baby’s appointment because we groom by appointment only to keep our spa like environment.

(your credit card is on hold. Spa groom is not Prepaid. Services are paid after the spa groom)

CURRENT BORDETELLA AND RABIES Vaccinations’ Proof must be provided upon appointment arrival. Please wait 48 hours after vaccines are given to book a spa groom.

WE DO NOT DEMAT FUR BABIES ON SATURDAYS! Shave downs only! ($5 matted fee applied)


You will be charged 50% of services for the following reasons being that we book one fur baby per appointment slot:

1. Cancellation less than 24 hours for ANY REASON

2. No Show

3. Arrival more than 15 minutes after scheduled appointment time (we will not take fur babies after 15 min. Grace period)

4.  Request to demat Matted fur baby booked  on Saturday. Shave downs only! ($5 matted fee applied) *Being that it’s our busiest day, and will push other scheduled appointments behind for the day.

5. (Rabies & Bordetella) -Vaccines given the same Day or received less than 48 hours of spa groom appointment /No Vaccines/ Past due Vaccines/

6. AGGRESSIVE FUR BABIES (services will be denied and cannot rebooked) OUR SAFETY AND YOUR FUR BABY’S SAFETY IS IMPORTANT TO US!  We do not use muzzles.

7. FLEA INFESTED FUR BABIES- We are are a flea free zone! Besides who wants their fur baby to leave their spa groom appointment with fleas?

9. Puppies needing dematting under 6 months. We will not demat nor cut a matted fur baby under 6 months.


We pride ourselves in maintaining a germ/infection free cage less environment.


PLEASE Read above policies before clicking link for booking spa grooms!  Thank you for your support and understanding!

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*WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE IF POLICIES ARE NOT FOLLOWED. Dematting is to the discretion of groomer.